Thursday, 9 September 2010

He Makes Me Happy In My Heart


Sooo, I haven't used this blog in actually forever, but I decided I think that its time I start using it properly again.. I'm going to start using this to tell the world random things about my life, how I'm feeling or where I've been and the things ive done. I'm also going to use the blog to show pictures of the work I've done etc etc...

Anywayy back to the point. This post is dedicated to Steveyyy James Gilkes, he may never read this post as I may not choose to tell him I've written it, but I'm going to start babbling on anywayyy... I met this amazing boy called Steveyy at the new job that I started this summer in the cinema, when I first saw him I thought woooowwww that guy is beautiful and proceeded to tell every person I saw how hot he was. Back then he was just hot Steveyy from work but now he's a whole lot more :)

We some how managed to spend a whole ten days together after my 20th birthday and we never ever got bored, there was not a moment where either of us thought about how long I'd been there, and there was never an awkward silence. Its fair to say that this is quite an achievement as to spend that amount of time with someone and not kill them is pretty impressive. Also he is actually me, we have so so so much in common its actually crazy, HE EVEN LIKES SARDINES!! hahaha

But the downside to this amazing love story is he is moving to Egypt. I think when he told me I was just so shocked I was a bit rude and didn't really let him know how I felt about it. The truth was I was heartbroken, I couldn't believe that I'd found this amazing guy who I couldn't find fault with and he was leaving me to some far away country with pyramids and 7 wives!! However, after spending more time with him I realised that me and him may actually have a future together at some point in our lives, we both want to give this a go at some point, and I think its fair to say we've both been blown away by how we feel for each other.

I just hope he knows that 'he makes me happy in my heart' and I wouldn't change anything about him, he has truly swept me off my feet and I hope that something happens with us because we look and are so so amazing together!

Soo, this is probably enough of my soppy talking for one night, but I will be posting again soon with some of the things I've drawn and made in the past few years.

Loveeee <3 x <3 x x <3 x <3 x <3

P.S I dislike Egypt.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Everyone Needs a Good Old Heart to Heart....

So, at times when you can't sleep or you've got wayyy too many things on your mind to even consider drifting off, I've always found it helps to write down what I'm thinking. However, for some strange reason I have never decided to write a blog. So I guessed theres no time like the present to start one. (however i did need some persuading).

Tonight's been an interesting night, a pretty average one, apart from a heart to heart i had with a lovely guy at about 3 o clock this morning.
I quite enjoyed our heart to heart and definitely learnt from it that he is a big softy and has lots of love for his wonderful and gorgeous girlfriend who i am very privileged to call one of my close friends :D

I think at some point in this heart to heart he said to me, that 'the key to not worrying about horrible things happening in your life,is to never ever think of it happening. This does to be fair, sound like the most simple quote in the world, but it made me think why do i spend my time worrying over things that haven't happened yet and lets be fair, for all i know may never happen.

So, This is the first of many short late night posts where i will be babbling on about something or nothing ... but im happy that now i can stop worrying for a night, and thanks to this piece of advice, im going to get some well needed sleep.

Thanks for the heart to heart Elliot :D

Nighhhtttt xxx