Saturday, 15 August 2009

Everyone Needs a Good Old Heart to Heart....

So, at times when you can't sleep or you've got wayyy too many things on your mind to even consider drifting off, I've always found it helps to write down what I'm thinking. However, for some strange reason I have never decided to write a blog. So I guessed theres no time like the present to start one. (however i did need some persuading).

Tonight's been an interesting night, a pretty average one, apart from a heart to heart i had with a lovely guy at about 3 o clock this morning.
I quite enjoyed our heart to heart and definitely learnt from it that he is a big softy and has lots of love for his wonderful and gorgeous girlfriend who i am very privileged to call one of my close friends :D

I think at some point in this heart to heart he said to me, that 'the key to not worrying about horrible things happening in your life,is to never ever think of it happening. This does to be fair, sound like the most simple quote in the world, but it made me think why do i spend my time worrying over things that haven't happened yet and lets be fair, for all i know may never happen.

So, This is the first of many short late night posts where i will be babbling on about something or nothing ... but im happy that now i can stop worrying for a night, and thanks to this piece of advice, im going to get some well needed sleep.

Thanks for the heart to heart Elliot :D

Nighhhtttt xxx

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